we are corona-fit

At the Blaue Gans, a partner company of the Salzburg Festival, your safety is our main priority. Our Corona safety measures listed below exceed legal requirements:
  • Our employees wear face masks and are trained accordingly on all hygiene measures.
  • The ongoing training includes and is not limited to: correct hand and surface disinfection, personal protective equipment, correct behavior, various cleaning and disinfection measures and various ways of infection.
  • Our employees keep a daily health journal in which all contacts are documented.
  • In our hotel & restaurant all furniture, everyday objects, floors and other surfaces are cleaned and disinfected several times per day in accordance with our strict hygiene plan.
  • We ensure regular ventilation and let fresh air into our indoor areas several times a day.
  • The distance rules of at least 1 meter apply in the entire hotel and restaurant area.
  • We have reduced our seating capacity in the restaurant to keep the minimum distance between the tables. Due to our limited space, we kindly ask you to make a restaurant reservation in advance in order to better plan the placement of our guests and to ensure safe distances.
  • In order to be able to understand infection chains, we ask one contact person per table for an electronically register with name, telephone number, email, date and time of the restaurant visit.
  • The hand sanitizers from our in-house cosmetic line "Saint Charles Apotheke" are available free of charge.
  • We have improved our breakfast offering to ensure a good start into your day. We will serve coffee or tea, egg dishes and a breakfast Etagére table-side. At the buffet we offer a Chef’s selection of chilled single serve breakfast items to further enhance your breakfast experience.