Food manufactory

Pasta, pastries, marinated fish, roast beef for breakfast, jams, chutneys, doughs, pickled vegetables, fruit ragouts, mustard, sauces, lemonades, fruit juices, pastries, sausage... the list of our home-made specialities goes on. We often buy large cuts of the animals (or the whole thing) and work on them ourselves. We believe that these skills form the basis of good cooking. We're not the only ones that like to get stuck in, our suppliers do too. You have to look long and hard for products such as our Weideschwein ham (and reach a little deeper into your pocket), but it smells absolutely wonderful and its flavour is well worth the effort.
The professionals who build our facilities and furniture are also craftsmen, but in the literal sense. It's impossible to be run-of-the-mill here, as the building is too irregular, too idiosyncratic. Every piece of wood, every stone, every fabric in the building has been worked with loving attention to detail and put together to the highest standard to ensure the comfort that you rightly expect from us.

Making something yourself is probably one of the greatest human aspirations.

our herb garden

Kitchen herbs in our interior courtyard. In our case, we've got 20 different varieties exuding a pleasantly aromatic fragrance in the interior courtyard. In the evenings, the futuristic raised beds are backlit, producing an atmospheric effect. The herb garden also gave us the name of the Glashaus, our conference room. We love working with mint at our food manufactory: adding some aroma to fresh spring water at breakfast, our home-made lemonades or to add the finishing touch to our rhubarb Prosecco - its elegant spice and uplifting fragrance are surely balm for the soul. Peppermint, lemon balm, mountain thyme, red and green basil, rosemary, lovage, verbena, savory, chamomile, wild thyme, blood dock, angelica, chickweed, etc. are carefully cultivated by our chefs to enhance our dishes perfectly.