History proves that you'll be well looked after: people have been gathering here for centuries, ever since 1350. The old walls with their vaulted ceilings and cosy nooks have seen plenty in their day; nothing can shake them these days. Smokers are welcome: there is a smoking lounge in the Schanigarten (pavement cafe), while everywhere else is non-smoking. Relax: we are happy to serve you from Monday to Saturday 12:00 to 00:00 p.m.



Take the courtly, bourgeois cuisine of Vienna, mix in some alpine produce and the easy ways of the south, all seasoned with a pinch of innovation and there you have it - attractive and modern Salzburg cuisine.

Authentic. Simple. Regional.
"Classic Austrian dishes", meticulously prepared offal, forgotten recipes, underrated cuts of meat, interesting vegetable dishes and the great imperial tradition of desserts - that's how we cook.


Persuasive simplicity. Good food is supposed be simple, but not simple to produce. The finest quality products and precise craftsmanship are indispensable. Everything we know is poured into our dishes. And we're more than happy to pass this knowledge on to our apprentices; it's a valuable part of our culture. 


Take a seat in our cosy vaulted dining area, boasting original panelling and mural paintings. A place, where you are transported back to the good old days and where you can indulge in culinary delights. The centrepiece of our house seats 50 people.


Appetizers, trendy drinks and great music can round off a successful day - or get it started. Snacks are served all day long, to complement a multi-course menu - just as you please.

WINE archivE

Our Wine Archive (Weinarchiv) used to be a jazz cellar with vaults that are centuries old. It now stores our precious stock of wines. We open it up for festivities from 8 to 50 people, and call it "La Tavolata" which means something like: "Let's all have a great evening together at this long table." You can be sure that whatever we serve up has been home-made at our food manufactory and presented on an array of dainty plates and bowls. Everybody gets stuck in, helping themselves and their neighbours. Sharing is caring!

Guest Garden

Blaue Gans Open Air. An urban oasis as a Mediterranean dream world in the middle of the city: olive trees, figs and palms, a spectacular view of the Mönchsbergwand included. Many of our guests tell us we have the most stunning guest garden in Salzburg. Well, we don't like to contradict them. Seating for 100. Our Schanigarten (pavement cafe) is open from midday until midnight when the weather is fine.