A get-together in a stylish atmosphere. With those who are important to you.

Our Gasthaus is ideal for all manner of parties and celebrations. We have a lot of experience setting up exclusive events or a cosy birthday bash. Transfers, flowers, music, special wishes - we can organise it all, and the best thing about it is that you only have one contact partner to deal with. We are highly experienced in organising events. We'll discuss the whole event with you from start to finish, and provide some suggestions on how we can turn your vision into reality. We coordinate our in-house teams and external partners. The main advantage for you? You only have to deal with one person.

Enjoy our "La Tavolata". A very special format: eating family-style on the long wooden tables in our Wine Archive. We serve up several courses in dishes, platters and copper pans. The finest tableware from Stillsegler makes an effective counterpoint to the bare oak boards that make up our upcycled table. Simply help yourselves, or dish up for the people around you. Sit down together and laugh together: a wonderful meal with a wonderful sense of communal dining.


Restaurant vault: 50 people; brasserie 30 people; Wine Archive 60 people; Guest Garden 150 people

We've got everything you need:  Big screen, laptop, music system, mixing desk with speakers, place cards, menus, flip chart, pinboard, etc. …

your contact person

Melanie Tanning is the person to ask when it comes to planning events. We offer a very flexible approach and take the time to understand exactly what you want from your Christmas party, product presentation or private birthday party. 

Just give us a call or write us an email:

+43 (0)662 842491-59,

glass house

We all know that you don't throw stones in this Glass House, not least because we want to keep it as beautifully clear and flooded with light as it currently is. Stimulating aromas from the adjoining herb garden waft into the room, making it the ideal choice when you're trying to think up new solutions. More Information.
Our Glass House makes the perfect venue for board meetings, strategy discussions or seminars. Capacity for 10 people.