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hygienic & safe @ blaue gans

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At the Blaue Gans, your safety is our main priority. Our Corona safety measures listed below exceed legal requirements:

Current information on entering and leaving Austria can be found on the Österreich Werbung website.



  • When entering the restaurant and hotel area, the following rule applies:
    • Vaccinated persons (complete vaccination protection, valid until 270 days after the second vaccination).
    • Recovered persons (with antibody test proof or segregation certificate, valid until 180 days after the overcome infection).
    • The proof must be valid for the duration of the stay.
  • For employees, the 2.5 G rule (vaccinated, tested with PCR test, recovered) applies throughout.
  • Guests are required to wear FFP2 masks in all public areas of the hotel and restaurant.
  • FFP2 masks are mandatory for all employees throughout the hotel and restaurant.
  • Hand Sanitizer from our in-house cosmetic line "Saint Charles Pharmacy" is provided in the entrance area for hand disinfection.
  • We point out that hand shaking and physical contact between employees and guests should be avoided.
  • We ensure regular airing and provide fresh air to our restaurant and hotel areas several times a day.
  • All guests are required to register. Hotel guests are registered via the registration slip, restaurant guests are obliged to register via the guest registration via QR code or by hand.

Guest information:

  • Our staff members are direct contact persons for our guests and inform you about current measures and about important information.
  • We ask our guests to pay by card to avoid cash.

measures in the restaurant

  • Opening hours of the catering area are allowed between 05:00 - 22:00.
  • The 2-G rule (Vaccinated or Convalescent) applies in the food service area.
  • For guests as well as employees, FFP2 masks are mandatory in all public areas of the hotel and restaurant, except at the seat.
  • In the indoor area, food and beverages may only be consumed while seated.
  • In the outdoor area in the Art.ventgarten, food and beverages may be consumed while sitting and standing after the 2-G control has been carried out.
  • Our guests are escorted and seated from the reception area to the table by our service staff.
  • We ask for restaurant reservations in advance to better plan the placement of our guests and maintain spacing.
  • In order to be able to trace the chains of infection in the event of a positive Covid-19 case, all guests are required to register electronically with their name, address and telephone number. The data will be deleted after 28 days.
  • Indoor events are possible with up to 25 people, outdoor events are possible with up to 300 people.
  • No 2-G proof is required for food pickup (takeaway). FFP2 masks are mandatory for pickup. There is no restriction on opening hours for takeaway. Takeaway food and beverages may not be consumed within 50 meters of the premises.

Breakfast of our hotel guests:

  • The regulations of the catering industry (2-G rule) apply to the use of the culinary offer.
  • At the breakfast buffet FFP2-masks are mandatory.
  • To avoid congestion, reservations are requested for breakfast service. If possible, room service is also offered.
  • We serve our guests drinks such as coffee and tea and breakfast on etagères directly to the table to avoid lack of space at the buffet.
  • Overnight guests may remove openly presented food and beverages from buffets themselves under the following special hygienic precautions: Guests will be provided with a hand sanitizer to disinfect their hands immediately in front of the buffet station, guests are required to wear an FFP2 mask.


Employee training & internal hygiene procedures

  • Our employees are regularly trained on all hygiene regulations and measures, with special emphasis on hand hygiene and prevention of infection with Covid-19, and have received documentation on this.
  • There are ongoing trainings of the company Hagleitner, in which the steps of a correct cleaning were documented and signed.
  • We have a strict hygiene plan. Our employees are regularly instructed about proper and regular cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, regular airing, about personal protective equipment and about correct behavior. This enables us to pass on all important information to our guests.
  • A maximum of two people are allowed in our employee locker rooms at any one time.
  • In addition to surfaces in the public hotel and restaurant areas, all surfaces in internal areas and employee areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Workday Procedure:

  • Our employees are required to thoroughly wash and sanitize their hands before and after going on duty, after each use of the restroom, before and after consuming food, and several times during work hours.
  • All employees are instructed to ventilate all rooms on a regular basis.

Special Cleaning Procedures Public Areas:

  • Frequently touched surfaces, such as door and window handles, light switches, railings, etc., are cleaned regularly.
  • General sanitary areas and especially control knobs, faucets and door handles are cleaned regularly.
  • Sufficient soap for necessary hand washing and disposable towels are provided in the sanitary areas.
  • Hand sanitizers for hand disinfection are available in the reception area of the hotel, the restaurant and in all restrooms.
  • Ventilation is provided regularly or doors are kept open to allow for good air circulation.
  • Pens, keys and keycards are disinfected when issued and received.
  • During daily cleaning, care is taken to change cleaning cloths and disinfect gloves after each room.

Special Cleaning Procedures Individual Living Areas/Rooms:

  • Room is aired regularly during room cleaning.
  • Room is cleaned with special attention after each guest change, special attention is paid to disinfecting high-touch items such as remote controls, handles, touch screens and light switches.
  • Hard-to-clean decorative items have been removed from rooms.
  • During daily cleaning, attention is paid to changing cleaning cloths and disinfecting gloves after each room.
  • Drinks in the minibar in the rooms are thoroughly cleaned after each departure.