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"When planning the new rooms, we really wanted to highlight the existing structure of the building and the way it had evolved over time. Our utmost goal was to accentuate its architectural history in every change we made. From the outset we had in mind a careful blend of old and new, avoiding strong contrasts and dramatic clashes. Instead we wanted to give guests a powerful sense of the existing architecture, with a dash of humour.

"Having myself grown up on the cobbled street of Steingasse in Salzburg, small rooms, low ceilings, irregular rendering and vaulted structures have always embodied a feeling of shelter and warmth." 

The whole structure was given a fresh coat of radiant white paint, while the heterogeneous basic fabric of the building underwent a few slight modifications to connect its spaces in the best possible manner. This opened up new dimensions in every room despite the limited space of the old building. We designed the furniture as individual pieces, which gave each one greater significance in daily use. The simple, "classic" furniture types such as bed and desk speak the language of modern design despite the use of knotty oak and fulled woollen fabrics. Added to the knotty oak floorboards, these materials call to mind alpine regions. 

The colour scheme and lighting bring a fresh, airy ambience to the existing old building. The Polka-design floor lamp has been upholstered with materials from the Salzburg Heimatwerk (an association dedicated to collecting and preserving traditional arts, crafts, costumes and traditions). The anteroom and bathroom have been kept modern and functional, while the cupboard in the entrance hall serves as a luggage stand, wardrobe, storage point, safe, and mirror all in one. The door-less cupboard reflects the length of our guests' stay and demonstrates its relaxed and contemporary approach to furnishing.

The room itself makes a statement through its dimension and shape, which may either be weakened or strengthened by the design elements and the functionally necessary facilities. 

There is no such thing as neutral design. The greater the tension between tradition and modernity, the more space there is for inspiration. It's a space we wish to give the guest with our architectural approach." 


Christian Prasser / Architect, 2008 for GÄNSEHAUT Magazine