In the beginning there was a passion for art & creativity. 

Today over 120 works of art will accompany you on your way through the house. All of them are originals, and that's what we really like about them.


Here are a couple of examples of what awaits you.

c.o. paeffgen


 Als »Totalkünstler« ist Ulrichs seit 1959 aktiv.

Ulrichs founded the "Advertising Centre for Total Art, Banality, and Extemporaneity" in Hannover to promote the distribution, development and production of total art. 

He had his monstrously imaginative musical instruments made by experts in the Czech Republic. Luser always carries a sketchbook with him, to capture his rich imagination on paper wherever he might be. The result is whirring, shimmering journals of word and image, later published as artist's books.




»Futuring Company«



This character has been around since the 1990s. The theme: "Over the Boundaries of Gender". 


EVA&ADELE see themselves as living art, stupefying and bamboozling people with an art of living that they have boldly brought out into the world for almost 20 years. 


"Wherever we are is museum!"

Jonathan Meese stayed with us several times. Jonathan spent a month here to design the stage set for Riehm's opera "Dyonisos" and left us several souvenirs.

Siegfried Fruhauf is a Linz-based media artist, whom we invited to Salzburg as "artist in residence". During his time here, he produced a series of shots of the Mönchsberg with a standard inexpensive camera. He named the works after the warning notices you often see around here: "Watch your Head".

In the evenings, "Oh mein Papa" by Lori Hersberger dips our interior courtyard in pink neon light. The text comes from a German pop song and is a cheeky nod to the work: "Oh mein Papa, war ein wunderbarer Clown, oh mein Papa, war ein großer Künstler..." (Oh, my papa, was a wonderful clown, oh my papa, was a great artist ...)

Artist from Vienna: Julius Deutschbauer

Julius Deutschbauer is represented here as part of the artist duo "Deutschbauer Spring" and under his own name as polymath with a nomadic "Library of Unread Books ", whose librarian he is with regard to Musil's novel "Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften" (incidentally, this is currently number four in the unread books ranking, about which Julius questions friends and interesting people). 

Art at a glance. Arthotel Salzburg.