Arthotel blaue gans


Great, so do we. We turned the oldest inn of Salzburg into the city's first boutique hotel. It has become an unusual and vibrant place in Salzburg's best location in the Museum and Art Scene District, opposite of the Festival Hall with its famous horse pond, and on the main shopping street Getreidegasse with Mozart's Birthplace being just a few blocs away. With us, you stay in the very heart of Salzburg! Our establishment has grown over the centuries, so no one room is exactly like another and every room is individual.

Voices About the blaue gans

„As an arthotel and as a restaurant the Blaue Gans is virtually the ideal gastronomic partner for us. Like the festival itself, it is a custodian of tradition and a trendsetter. Under magnificent old vaulted ceilings surrounded by contemporary art, or in the inviting outdoor dining area you enjoy homemade fair in the mose delicious way. The Schotter Schnitzel, a Wiener Schnitzel cut into slices, got me addicted a long time ago.“


Helga Rabl-Stadler, President of the Salzburg Festival (Falstaff guide 2019)


"I would like to thank you and your team once again for an absolutely wonderful evening.
A real pleasure to work with you: you also responded immediately to last-minute changes (number of guests, time).
The food was so good that nobody was bothered about being seated a little closer to each other than usual.
Our waiter was excellent - unfortunately I didn't ask for his name. He looked after us brilliantly, explained everything and kept our hungry pack in a happy mood. Please pass on our warmest thanks to him and of course to the chef as well, whose food was sensational. It's not often you get such a good Tafelspitz (boiled beef fillet). Everything was outstanding, from the appetizers to the dessert." (J.)


Thank you Ben and Tayla!